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LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China gathers technologists and open source industry leaders from across China, the Asia Pacific and the world, to collaborate, share information and learn about the newest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud technologies, AI, networking, microservices and more; in addition to gaining insight into how to navigate and lead in the open source community. It also offers content covering the business of open source, including strategy, compliance, and other key topics necessary for companies to successfully use open source.

LC3 is a technical conference for developers, operations experts, as well as business, compliance and legal leadership to come together to learn from open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions. While the core tracks at the event are focused on Linux, Cloud and Containers, LC3 covers all of the latest open source technologies and trends that are crucial to the advancement of open source strategy, implementation and investment.

“LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen 中国”汇聚了来自中国、亚太地区和全球的技术人员与开源行业领导者,通过共同合作和共享信息,了解最新和最有趣的开源技术,包括Linux、容器、云技术、AI 、网络、微服务等;除了深入了解如何在开源社区中畅游和引导之外。它还提供涵盖开源业务的内容,包括战略、合规性以及公司成功使用开源所需的其他关键主题。

LC3 是一个技术会议,旨在汇聚开发人员、运营专家以及业务,合规性和法律领导者,向开源专家学习,进行精彩的讨论,与同行开展合作,并通过创新的开源式解决方案获得竞争优势。虽然本次会议的核心内容主要集中在Linux、Cloud 和Containers 上,但LC3 还涵盖了所有最新的开源技术和趋势,而这些对促进开源战略、实施和投资而言至关重要。

Key Topics in 2018

  • AI
  • Open Source Strategy & Business
  • Linux Development & Administration
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Big Data
  • Containers, Kubernetes & Cloud Native Applications
  • Networking & Orchestration
  • Community, Ecosystem & Compliance
  • Embedded Linux & IoT

2018 年的主要议题

Linux 开发和管理
容器,Kubernetes 和云本机应用程序
嵌入式Linux 和物联网

Attendee Demographics

  • 2,297 Registered Attendees at LC3 2017, with 3,000 expected in 2018
  • Over 95% of attendees visit sponsor booths (sponsors received up to 650 lead scans per booth in 2017)
  • 93.4% of attendees in 2017 were from China


2017 年LC3 期间共有2,297 名注册参会者,预计2018 年将超过3,000 名
超过95% 的参会者会到访赞助商的展位(2017 年赞助商每个展位最高650 次观众名片扫描)
2017 年有93.4% 的与会者来自中国

Who Attends

  • Developers – Software Developers, Programmers, Maintainers and IT Professionals
  • Operations –  IT Operations Experts, System Administrators and Chief Architects
  • Business- Senior Business Executives, Managers and Community Leaders
  • Plus –  Students, Media, Analysts and other professionals


人员- 软件开发人员,程序员,维护人员和IT 专业人员

运营- IT 运营专家,系统管理员和首席架构师
业务- 高级业务主管,经理和社区领导



Why They Attend

  • To learn about the newest and most interesting open technologies
  • To get access to leading experts in both formal and informal settings
  • To have fascinating discussions and collaborate with both peers and experts
  • To gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions
  • To explore career opportunities with the world’s leading technology companies




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