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Kubernetes 高端技术:如 Pi 一样易如反掌,由Canonical有限公司主办

日期+时间:注册与会者可随时观看 | 地点:虚拟会议 | 注册费用:免费

您是否曾设想过能使用自己的家庭云端,但又觉过于复杂?微型云端让任何人都可以在任何地方设立云端。本视频将涉及如何将 LXD,微型 K8s 和 Charmed Operator 结合运用于 BYOC(build your own cloud,即建立你自己的云端 — 我们使用的是树莓派(Raspberry Pi)!

如何注册:点此注册参加《Kubernetes 高端技术:如 Pi 一样易如反掌》



Kubernetes at the Edge: Easy as Pi hosted by Canonical Ltd

Virtual Event | Available on-demand to registered attendees | Complimentary Registration

Have you dreamt of having your own home cloud but found it too complex? Micro-clouds enable everyone to build a cloud anywhere. In this video, we cover how to combine LXD, MicroK8s, and Charmed Operators to BYOC (build your own cloud) – we’re using Raspberry Pi’s!

How to Register: Register here to attend Kubernetes at the Edge: Easy as Pi.

For questions regarding this event, please reach out to liam.zheng@canonical.com.

《Apache Pulsar实战》虚拟书发布会:用一个事件驱动的架构来最大化您数据的价值 — 由 StreamNative 主办

虚拟会议 | 太平洋时间的2021年12月9日中午12:00到下午1:00 (即 中国标准时间2021年12月10日 4:00 到 5:00) | 免费

今日,许多企业为了将数据的商业价值最大化而进行数字化转型。他们的重心从单一的流式数据处理转变到流式数据 + 统一批处理、从庞大的架构转移到了微服务上,同时也在为解锁新的使用场景而寻找新的解决方案。Apache Pulsar 的云原生能力和统一的信息传输模型对满足这类增长的商业趋势拥有独特的意义。

David Kjerrumgaard 的著作《Apache Pulsar实战》是您开启 Apache Pulsar 的终极向导。与 David 一起加入这场虚拟书发布会,探索为何更多的企业相比传统的信息传输系统选择了Pulsar,以及Pulsar会如何让您的公司或组织收益。

 如何注册:点击此处注册参加《Apache Pulsar实战》虚拟书发布会!


Apache Pulsar in Action Virtual Book Launch: Maximize the value of your data with an event-driven architecture hosted by StreamNative

Virtual Event | December 9, 2021 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT (December 10, 2021 from 4:00 – 5:00 CST) | Complimentary Registration

Today, many companies are undergoing digital transformation in order to maximize the business value of their data. They are pivoting away from a pure streaming workload to unified batch and streaming workloads, migrating from monolithic architecture to microservices, and looking for new solutions to unlock new use cases. Apache Pulsar’s cloud-native capabilities and unified messaging model makes it uniquely positioned to meet business’ emerging needs.

David Kjerrumgaard’s book Apache Pulsar in Action is your ultimate guide to getting started with Apache Pulsar. Join David for this virtual book launch to discover why companies are adopting Pulsar over traditional messaging systems and how Pulsar can benefit your organization.

How to Register: Register here to attend Apache Pulsar in Action Virtual Book Launch!

For questions regarding this event, please reach out to elisha@streamnative.io.

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