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Visa Letter Request

  • LF Asia,LLC提供签证信函并不保证签证批准,签证批准由活动主办国政府自行决定。
  • 签证信函申请应在活动前90天提交,最少在活动前两周提交。虽然我们将尽力处理,但LF Asia,LLC不能保证在活动前两周内提交的请求将得到回复。
  • 在申请签证信函之前,您必须先注册参加活动。请注意:我们的注册系统和签证信函系统需要最多一个小时的同步时间。
  • LF Asia,LLC通常在(3)个工作日内处理大多数签证信函申请。请尽可能准确地填写下面的表格。未能这样做可能会延迟典型的处理时间。
  • LF Asia,LLC在一些举办活动的国家需要当地组织提供签证邀请信。因此,LF Asia,LLC有时必须使用当地第三方来处理信函请求。通过填写下面的表格,您授权LF Asia,LLC根据需要与第三方供应商共享您的详细信息以处理您的邀请请求。
  • 收到签证信函本身并不能保证进入活动,也不能作为健康状态的验证或疫苗护照。每个签证信函收件人都需要遵守Linux Foundation COVID-19活动规定和法规,以及其自己国家/访问国家的要求。
  • 如有疑问,请联系visaletters@linuxfoundation.org
  • Provision of a visa letter by LF Asia, LLC does not guarantee visa approval, which is made at the sole discretion of the government of the event’s host country.
  • Visa letter requests should be made 90 days prior to an event and may be submitted no fewer than two weeks prior to the event. LF Asia, LLC cannot guarantee that letters will be provided in response to requests submitted fewer than two weeks prior to an event, though we will make every effort to process them.
  • You must be registered for the event before requesting a visa letter. Please note: it can take up to an hour for our registration system and visa letter system to sync.
  • LF Asia, LLC processes most visa letter requests in (3) business days. Please complete the form below as accurately as possible. Failure to do so may result in a delay to the typical processing time.
  • Some countries in which LF Asia, LLC holds events require a local organization to provide a visa invitation letter. Thus, LF Asia, LLC must use a local third party to process letter requests from time to time. By completing the form below, you are authorizing LF Asia, LLC to share your details with third party vendors as needed to process your invitation request.
  • Receipt of a visa letter does not, on its own, guarantee entry to the event nor does it act as verification of health status or as a vaccination passport. Each visa letter recipient will need to adhere to The Linux Foundation COVID-19 rules and regulations for events, as well as their own country/visiting country’s requirements.
  • For questions, please contact visaletters@linuxfoundation.org.

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