KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China

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Program Co-Chairs

  • Kevin Wang (王泽锋) headshot

    Kevin Wang has been an outstanding contributor in the CNCF community since its beginning and is the leader of the cloud native open source team at Huawei. Kevin has contributed critical enhancements to Kubernetes, led the incubation of the KubeEdge, Volcano, Karmada projects in CNCF, actively participated in the TOC, and played a critical role in building and supporting the growth of CNCF technologies and the CNCF community in China.

  • Fog Dong headshot

    Fog Dong is a senior engineer at BentoML, a maintainer of KubeVela, and a CNCF ambassador. With a strong focus on cloud native DevOps, Fog actively contributes to the open source community. Currently, she is dedicated to developing the fastest approach to building AI applications at BentoML. With previous experience at Alibaba, she led the construction of large-scale application workflows for the Serverless Application Engine Product. Additionally, her expertise extends to building cloud native CI/CD platforms from her time at Bytedance.

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